2014 UC Davis Business Plan Competition Underway

The 2014 UC Davis Big Bang business plan competition announced today that they received over 60 entries. The competition is open to all US Davis students, faculty, staff, and alumni. In the months leading up to the competition, workshops and classes are available to help teams prepare. During the two month competition, teams receive mentoring, pitch coaching, and feedback on their business idea from a network of local entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders as the field is narrowed to five finalists.

Why aren't you attending Open Coffee Club?

The attendance at Open Coffee Club is quite low. Open Coffee Clubs have been a big part of the startup ecosystem in other cities, but in Sacramento, it's been a failure. I think there's a need for this sort of venue, and would like to find out why you're not attending, so we can make adjustments to make this a success.

Freemium flips

In discussing how an enterprise network equipment company did freemium, Redpoint VC Tomasz Tunguz says, "It’s plain to see the marketing departments of freemium companies must be constructed differently, with a strong quantitative bent. But freemium businesses also require a fundamentally different sales team structure. "

Sacramento Techweek

By admin on February 9, 2013 - 1:26pm

May 10-18, we're putting on Sacramento Techweek, a collection of independently organized events celebrating and promoting the Sacramento technology community.

Cargo cult startups

Remote islands used to build fake cargo ships and airstrips so the gods would bring back the wealth they saw when the real cargo ships and airplanes came. Some startups are doing the same thing.


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