Don't believe everything this guy writes... but make for damn sure that you read it

Wil Schroter is an entrepreneur who started a social network called Go BIG, which is intended to connect entrepreneurs with investors with employees. He writes about his experiences good and bad as an entrepreneur, and he says it without an ounce of sugar coating. I agree with the majority of what Wil says, but every once in a while I'll fervently disagree with his stance of "leap first, look later." In any case Wil is the real deal, and if you're an entrepreneur you can't afford to miss what Wil has to say.

I've been long subscribed via email to Wil's blog, but I've see posts on his site that I don't get in my inbox and vice versa. I think they've ironed out most of the kinks but I still don't get everything via email, so subscribing to the RSS feed should be fine.

Here are some posts that I'd recommend as good starting points:

You’re already ready

Entrepreneurs often ask themselves when the right time to start a company might be. They hang around waiting for the stars to align, for their moment of inspiration to hit, and for their career to prepare them for something big.

Well I have some bad news for you. The stars will never align. The brilliant flash will probably never come, and nothing you will learn or do working for someone else will make you more ready to start your own company. read more

You’re either writing a check or skipping one

Most people have no idea what it takes to own a piece of a startup. They think that simply showing up for work entitles them to an ownership stake in the business, just because it’s a startup company. Others think they should be handed stock options like candy because they seem to have no cost.

I’m here to put a stop to all the madness. In a startup company there are only two ways to get a piece of the company – you either write a big check or you forgo your paycheck! The only other way anyone should be able to get a piece of a company for nothing involves dirty pictures and blackmail. read more

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