Tower Records Part Deux

What do you do when you're 81 years old, your $1 billion a year empire goes through a second bankruptcy, and then gets auctioned off to be liquidated? You do it again of course!

Russ Solomon started Tower Records in Sacramento almost 50 years ago, but the retail chain just couldn't survive amid big box retailers and rampant piracy. His plans now are to open up a small record shop where the original Tower once was. Maybe it'll be a hit, or maybe the writing is already on the wall for all record stores. In any case this is going to be interesting to watch, and at the very least we can all pitch in and support a local entrepreneur by buying a few CDs from him.

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Submitted by Carson Black on

I remember having a meeting with Russ about 10 years ago when I was in the video production business. I was a writer and producer for a training video we were doing for them. He's quite an interesting and "not by the book" kind of guy, so I think it'll be interesting to see what he does different this time. He had a string running down the hallway to his office with cut off pieces of ties he had snipped off of unsuspecting salesmen that came to meet him. I haven't worn a tie since!

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