Startup Profile: Engine Yard

Engine Yard

Company: Engine Yard
Founded: Early 2006
Founders: Tom Mornini & Lance Walley

Engine Yard provides managed hosting services for Ruby On Rails applications. The early success of Rails-powered sites like Basecamp and the professed ease of developing web apps quickly has led to an explosion of applications written for Ruby on Rails.

Engine Yard simplifies the process of hosting large-scale Ruby on Rails sites and allows developers to concentrate on building and selling their application. By buying “slices” from Engine Yard instead of buying individual servers developers can easily grow their hosting. Have growing traffic and need more capacity? Buy more slices. Engine Yard ensures that your slices are distributed across multiple servers for scalability and reliability.

Founders Tom Mornini and Lance Walley founded a consulting company called Quality Humans in 2002 after being laid off from the wireless startup where they both worked. As Ruby on Rails grew and Quality Humans began doing more Rails consulting, Walley and Mornini saw the need for professional, scalable Rails hosting and Engine Yard was born in early 2006.

Engine Yard was started with $92,000 invested by friends and family and has been bootstrapped from there using revenue from 34 customers, each paying up to $250 per month for each slice they use or $1500 per month for dedicated servers.

Like many web-focused startups, Engine Yard operates as a virtual company. The company address is a rented mailbox in Folsom. The founders and their four employees each work from their homes spread across the country. Each founder resides in the Sacramento area.

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